Ask Luckey: Why Do People Post Nude Pics/Videos Of Themselves?

Dear Luckey,

I have a question for you. Why do people post videos and nude pictures of themselves? I find it to be degrading. What do you think about it?


Hey Kevin,

I want to thank you for writing me. This is a good question and the answers varies but I am going to try to answer this.

I would be lying if I told you, I have never posted a nude pic/video of myself. I have and probably would do it again. Of course I am smart enough not show my face and I don’t have any tattoos to make me stand out. I like my body and sometimes I like to show it off.

As for others, some people take nude pictures to send to their significant others at the times (or some random person they are interested in). Almost every major celebrity fall victim to this and often times the other person leaks it for the world to see.

Most people do it for attention.  Maybe it’s the only thing they have to offer, if you’re lacking in the personality & even the looks department if you throw a nude picture up, you are sure to get some attention.

The truth is, even when you decided to take them down, people copy and paste them every where. Once they go live on the Internet, it’s on there FOREVER! You might even ended up on my sites *wink*. Both men and women LOVE eyecandy whether it’s tasteful or raunchy. We love seeing a fine man/woman naked hence why people post them.

Most people post videos for the same reason, most of them want to be the next big porn star so maybe that’s why they post them. Others loved to be watched *show offs*

Unfortunately, they think in the moment and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Even general social outlets like ‘Facebook’ and Twitter have fallen victim to people posting nude pics of themselves. They forget that family can look you up on Facebook or that potential jobs can look your name up and see your unmentionables.

It can even destroy your reputation and your career.

Just my two cents,


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