Just When You Thought You KNEW Diddy!

This info was sent to me from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. It answer all your questions about Diddy plus some tea you probably DIDN’T know!

A little late but when diddy brought his Harlem Crew over to 106 & Park, He and Cassie were fighting backstage right before she came out. She was nervous about the trailer to her new song and didn’t like the belt thing she wore around her nips. Diddy apparently yelled at her ‘what you think you too good for that NOW’??? Cassie looked so embarrassed and just looked straight ahead.

After machine gun Kelly came out, everyone, including Rosci and Terrence went backstage, and when Terrence tried to hug Cassie, Diddy was standing behind him and was giving Cassie the stare of death, so she shrugged him off. Terrence shot Diddy a weird look.

Diddy is seriously considering seriously dating Cameron Diaz though, and he told Cassie to just focus on her career. She can’t be seen at his new York apartment anymore, good thing he got her that place in soho years ago.

When she co hosted 106 with Terrence, he hit the roof.. Beat her from room to room. Her family doesn’t even know, it’s a pimp/ hoe type relationship, she’s really scared of him. 
Cameron is diddys last attempt at cracking the Alist ACTING world, yes he’s big on bet and all that, but he wants SO badly to regain that jlo type of relationship he once had.

He’s a very twisted man…Que from day 26… There was a reason why he was so emotional on that show… It wasn’t about being paid… It was about the visits he took alone to the bad boy head offices….then diddy made him a background singer for dirty money…he likes the power hold.

Erica Kennedy wrote BLING about diddy. The main character is Diddy and when he got wind, he wanted to kill her…and I don’t mean jokingly..but Erica was really close with Kimora at the time, was one of her bridesmaids and Aioki’s godmother, and diddy respects Russell so he couldn’t touch her.

He forced Cassie to get 3 abortions and she’s had I dunno how many miscarriages. He doesn’t like condoms, he likes the idea of a baby because it further binds her to him. He’ll come around when she’s knocked up and say he wants the baby…disappear and then tell her to get rid of it. Always makes sure it’s right before the cut off date ofF abortions

He cut off Cassie’s modeling career…she was getting offers to do commercial stuff but he nixed that. Her brother pretty much knows what’s up…but diddy paid his ass off as well. Her brother and his friend, a stylist are going to be coming out with an accessory line that diddy is backing.

About Kim? Kim is in the same position as Cassie except she has 4 insurance policies..her kids. 

He used to kick the shit out of her but he stopped after the girls came. Kim is more hardened than Cassie, she knows the tea, he recently bout her a HUGE house in holmby or hidden hills…she can do whatever she wants, except for publicly fuck a man. Jackie long was creing with Kim a couple of years back unti

Diddy caught wind and sent his LA goons to straighten him out.

Why doesn’t Cassie reach out to friends? What friends? Everyone around her now is linked to him, she travels all the time with Cappadonna, Diddys former persona assistant, she’s Always with Cassie…kinds of like her warden. Who can she run to?

Sarah is a drunkard…diddy didn’t pick her, it was just a fuck. It nearly killed Kim though because she was preggo with girls, and she was mad a fuck that it wouldn’t be Diddys first girl, she kept making sublet threats during her pregnancy that she would run away with the kids if diddy publicly acknowledged chance. So he didn’t for awhile, but every time he’s up in atl he hits Sarah off ith some 

The blind item about the beating in LA was diddy. I dunno if Cassie was drinking or what that night but she was flirting with Dallas Austin, she didn’t think diddy had his eye on her. As they were leaving she kept bragging how Dallas wanted to produce some tracks for her then album ‘Electro Love’, Diddy as like what I ain’t a good producer, and she said something slick like you haven’t made a hit since the Mase days, he proceeded to whoop her ass in the car and up the driveway of the la house. He bought her the blue birkin soon after, and sent quite a few gift cards to Barneys to his body guards who witnessed it.

WOW is ALL I can say…I will say this, Diddy aint the only one monster in the bunch.

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