Preparing for the Perfect Mate

  Many of us are in the point of our lives in which we are ready to settle down.  Many of us have had our share of crappy relationships and thought we had the perfect beau, but something didn’t work out along the way. 
   Sometimes it takes us making sure that we are really prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially for that perfect mate. Here are some tips on preparing for the perfect mate.

  1. The first thing to being prepared for the perfect mate is knowing what you want and what you don’t want in a mate.  Write down your expectations for a mate, but be realistic and make sure that you meet what you are trying to get.  Let’s remember, you are what you attract.
  2. Make sure that you are over and completely healed from the last relationship. Even if the break up was mutual and no hard feelings make sure that you are not carrying extra baggage from the last relationship.  There’s nothing worse than blaming your new man for what the old skeezer did.  Make sure that you take the necessary time to focus on you.
  3. In preparing for Mr. or Ms. Right we must make sure that we are on top of our game.  Are we financially set, do we have our ducks in a row, are we struggling, or are we just plain lazy.   We must make sure that we at least have some source of income.  No one wants a gold digger or someone who doesn’t work for what they got.  If you are between jobs please let whomever you are talking to and getting to know understand this.  Maybe they can help you get a job or point you towards some open doors.  However, don’t be a user.
  4. Ask yourself: Can I keep up a house? Can I cook? Do I handle money well? These are key things that will help you along.  If you don’t clean up your house and know your cooking is shaking, now is the time to shape up on your skills.  We must also manage our finances wisely.  These are the things that people look for. No one wants to be a candidate for “Hoarders,”  or any other show of that nature.  Make sure that you are able to carry the basic duties of making a house a home.
  5. We must also do a self examination:  Ask yourself “Would I date myself?” If you are known to have a nasty attitude or you’re just hard to get along with, then you might want to make some adjustments. Make sure that you attract positivity and not negativity. 
  6. Most of all preparing for the perfect mate takes patience.  Don’t be focused on “I need a man,” or “I need a woman.” Validate yourself and make sure that you love yourself first.

  I hope and pray that this blesses you and gives you insight on preparing for the perfect mate.

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