The final show, of the first season to the US version of Xfactor started with a bang & ended with a bang. It began with the top 12 finalist singing in one music accord. Then the show proceeded with the top 3 finalist singing their favorite christmas carols. Many artist performed to celebrate the winner & the closing to the first season of Xfactor USA version. Halfway during the show, the 3rd place contestant was revealed, sending Chris Renee home.
         More performances from Americas favorite artist continued, including Stevie Wonder, Leona Lewis, Justin Beiber & even pitbill.  Two surprising performances included rapper 50 cent with former contestant Astro at his side & even Marcus Canty sang along side with R/B sensation Neyo. Once the shows finally came, Josh Krajic & Melanie Amaro was beyond nervous. When the winner was revealed Melanie was lost for words & filled with tears of joy.  She was hugged by the judges, former contestants & lots of  family & friends. Melanie was then asked to sing her song of joy, LISTEN & could barely get it out.  When asked how she felt, she stated ,” Thank You So Much…God is Good.” Congrats Melanie!!!

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