Producer/Actor Alton Demore Talks About His Screenplay ‘The Erotic Professionals’!

Producer/SAG Actor Alton Demore discusses why he wrote the screenplay The Erotic Professionals based off the book I Rise by Toni Newman.  Alton Demore was a fitness model who appeared in the 2006 Jet swimwear calendar and appeared in the movie Phat Girlz with comedian Monique.  The first movie he produced was Killing Frisco (2011) directed by Andrew Friedberg.  The film The Erotic Professionals will be directed by Film Director Keith Holland and the Featured Song will be from the Artist ThinkDep. 

 Tell us why you help write the book I Rise?
I helped write the book I Rise since it is a first type memoir of its kind in the United States.  It gives the African American transgender perspective about growing up black transgender in America.  I realized it could break new ground about a group of people who lives in the shadows.  They are very rarely seen in mainstream society.  Basically the book speaks about Equal Rights and Equal laws for all people regardless of race, sex and gender. I believe all people are created equal under God’s eyes and deserve fairness and equality. Kevin Hogan did a great job as Editor and the foreword by Humanitarian Dr. Marc Weiss speaks for the underpriviledged and forgotten.

 Why turn Book I Rise into a Screenplay?
To be honest our first project was a teleplay called The Erotic Professionals that we shopped to a few cable networks.  We then turned the teleplay into a screenplay while Ms. Newman was still editing the book I Rise.  I believed this screenplay is groundbreaking because of its 3 different lead characters with one of them being African American Transgender and the content speaking about the illegal adult escort world. 

 Why Would the Film The Erotic Professionals be so Different?
The film features 3 main characters (male, female, transgender) and one of them is African American Transgender Lead and the bond they have for each other regardless of their vast different backgrounds. The three people have different goals and aspirations but come together for the common good of surviving.  This film speaks about survival, unity and hope.

 What type of person is Author Toni Newman?
Ms. Newman is a strong willed and ambitious individual.  She is a very real person who speaks with authority.  She is a true friend and spiritual person. She really does care about the African American Transgenders in America and would like to see more visibility of them in society.  I joined with her because I believe in her and share her ideas about equality and fairness for all persons.

 Your Final Thoughts 
I have been SAG actor for over 10 years and realized I had to take my own future in my hands to create opportunities for myself  and other minorities so that we could become successful in hollywood .  I believe this film is fresh and innovative and can open societies eyes to a highly ignored group of people both transgenders and sex workers.

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