The TRUE Tea About The Diva Fight Between Anita Baker & Jill Scott!

Last week,there were whispers that during the rehearsals of Vh1’s DIVAS Celebrate Soul concert, Anita Baker & Jill Scott, who were rumored to sing ‘Sweet Love‘ as a duet, got into a spat, in which Anita Baker was force not to perform (even though she was schedule to perform).

Well half of those whispers were true..
Although Anita Baker was schedule to perform, she was not featured during the show. Singer Ledisi talked about having to step in at the last minute to sing ‘Sweet Love‘ after the concert.

I was headed to go to the red carpet and the producers and the music director and my manager all came rushing to my room. I was asked ‘Can you sing ‘Sweet Love’?” and I was like, ‘Stop playin! [laughs] Anita Baker’s singing that’. But then they told me ‘No, this is serious.’ And I was like “Oh my God, yeah sure, sure, if you need me, I’ll do it.’ I didn’t ask what happened because I didn’t want to be in the middle of that —

Without further ado, the tea:

To be really brief:

Its widely regarded by staff that this was Jill Scott’s fault. Did not want to perform the song Sweet Love at all, annoyed production staff but acted like an ass when she didnt have the song changed and completely ditched Anita at their dress rehearsals and other things. Anita is rumored to have pulled out as a result. There were no blows or arguement; as production staff I have to say that it really was Jill Scott blowing Anita Baker off.

Thats all folks.

There you have it!

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