Anita Baker Tells Her Side Of The Diva Fight via Twitter!

Yesterday I posted about what really happen behind the fight between divas Anita Baker & Jill Scott at the Divas Celebrate Soul rehearsals. Well Anita Baker has come forward and says that yes there was some drama but it wasn’t her fault!

I doubt there was any fight between Anita Baker & Jill Scott and it’s sad that Jill is getting all the drama over it. I believe the producers were treating them like crap and the show itself was a reflection of that. If they were smart, they would have paired Anita Baker up with Mary J. Blige (As you may or may not know, It was Anita’s song ‘Rapture’ that got Mary discovered and they adore each other.) The show sucked anyway. I am GLAD Anita was not apart of that train wreck. People today don’t know REAL music anyway.

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