HAPPY NEW YEAR; The Buzz Word for 2012

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Dec. 29, 2011

Most of the Christmas festivities are done, the leftovers put away and you’re trying to decide how long before you face the task of taking down the tree and other decorations associated with the season. Now you’re counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you can say “Goodbye” to 2011.

 I would like to suggest that in the middle of all this, when you start to make that list of ‘resolutions’, you consider making one word your “buzz word” for 2012. We hope that you will seriously consider making it the center of most of the things you do and say; that word is “ACCEPTANCE”.

I hope that you will try harder to accept others who don’t happen to live exactly as you do, realizing that diversity is what puts the spice in life and brings color to it. Variety keeps life from becoming a dull existence and is the basis for new ideas. When you can’t accept others totally, at least accept those parts of them where a compromise can be struck, for that will increase the quality of life for everyone. In this way, I believe the sense of community will increase, along with a spirit of inclusiveness, giving everyone value.

Try to keep an open mind, to accept new ideas; you  may very well learn something that will enrich your life, or that you can use to strengthen it.

Accept the fact that sometimes things that are really worthwhile take a little time, and cultivate the patience and perseverance that will accomplish them (hopefully in ways that will not alienate possible allies, but attract them).

Most of all, accept yourself; too often our unconscious “self-denial” and dislike for the essential person we are is transferred to those we interact with, causing us to react to them in negative ways that benefit no one.

As we go into a new year, anticipating all the good things it may contain, we ask you to consider thisand HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


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