Hip Hop Blind Item (Answers Inside)

It is one thing to be stepping out with someone other than your girlfriend of many years, but when you do so with her assistant, that is another thing entirely. Oh, I guess I should identify the participants. Well, for one they were both way bigger  years ago. The guy used to be an A list  rapper. Now, B- on a good day. His significant other? She used to be B back in the day, but now is probably just remembered because her name is easy to remember. He has been in the news lately mostly because he’s camp continues to spill the tea, that in spite of his flopping career, this rapper has a ugly gambling problem. As for his side piece, he has said many times, she is nothing more then that and he would never marry her! She recently released a lukewarm buzz single.

Who is the rapper and who is the singer side piece?? 

Answers revealed after the jump!

I won’t make it that easy! Guess the couple below!

A.)Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats
B.)Ashanti & Nelly
C.)Beyonce & Jay Z
D.)Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

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