Warren Beatty Accepts His Transgender Son!

Warren Beatty has accepted his transgender son after coming to terms with his choice to switch gender.

Warren Beatty was said to be devastated when his teenaged daughter confessed she wanted to be a man.

But it seems the Dick Tracy star is coming to terms with the bombshell, as he is said to have toasted his ‘brave son’ at a special family dinner in Hollywood on Saturday.

The legendary ladies man is trying to solidify his relationship with Stephen, who was previously called Kathlyn, according to the National Enquirer.

And a source told the tabloid the special family meal at Italian restaurant il Covo was a way to publicly give his support to the 19-year-old, who decided she wanted to switch genders last year, but had been living as a man for at least two years previously .

The source said: ‘The dinner was an unofficial public display that he’s proud of his family, especially Stephen, for having the courage to be who he truly is.

‘It wasn’t easy for Warren. But he learned a lot about the transgender community over the past year.’

And as a result the 74-year-old is now bragging to friends about his ‘intelligent and courageous son Stephen.’

The source added: ‘Warren even made an emotional toast to Stephen during the dinner and said he was proud to have such a brave son.

The person who was most pleased by the Bugsy actor’s new found understanding was his 54-year-old wife Annette Bening.

The source added: ‘Annette was simply glowing. She said the evening was the best Christmas present she’s ever received.

But despite the fact it has taken some time for the Shampoo favourite to come to terms with his former daughter, who was named after his beloved mother, his feelings for him were never in doubt.

The source said: ‘Warren never stopped loving their child, but he had plenty of issues and fears to overcome.

‘The bottom line is he missed his little girl. But he’s finally resigned himself to the fact that one day Stephen will probably have gender reassignment surgery and legally become a boy.

‘Warren still slips up and calls Stephen “her” or by his birth name Kathlyn, but the bottom line is he’s totally onboard with his child’s new lifestyle.’


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