I’m Not Interested, Dude!!!

  Hello my Luckey Stars,
  I pray that you all are well. I’m writing concerning an issue that many of us face in the dating game.  Many guys will come and show interest and will respect you and take time. Then you have the type of man or woman who is very much interesting almost to the point in which they are annoying as hell!!!
  Well what do you do when the guy keeps calling you babe and you don’t like that because its too soon?
What do you do when you don’t want to be kissed or when you don’t want to be a couple with them? What do you do when they can’t take a subtle hint? Just say “I’m Not Interested.”  
  Yes saying “I’m not interested,” and be up front and bold with it, but in a nice way, will be the thing to send them off.  If they can’t accept “no” for an answer, then stand firm.  If that person keeps texting you and calling you ignore their calls. More than likely, they will understand that you aren’t interested.  If necessary, change your number if you feel unsafe. If they go too far as in doing some stalker stuff, call the police. If they stop by your home, don’t open the door and call the police and get a restraining order.
  If people can’t respect your “no” then show them the door.

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  1. After reading this article; I found a lot of missing pieces to this puzzle. First, In a man! or women, a vast majority of the time, a person will not stalk you or harrass you unless you have lead them on in some way. One does not go and have sex with another or go out on occasion and then later on decides after the activities are over and you have found someone to fuck, that you all of a sudden are not interest, is the missing piece to this puzzle especially in the gay community. These men will do anything just to get some sex and then they find a new piece of sex and now its called "harrassing or stalking".

  2. While you may be correct, Anon., there IS too often the case when one has been friendly to a new acquaintence, done nothing "leading", and yet made the mistake of giving that person your # (perhaps the initial meeting made you feel a FRIENDSHIP was possible). Not knowing this person's state of "needy-ness", you can find yourself the object of unwanted attention, also. It's pretty much a case by case judgment call.We all must hopefully remember that should the "shoe be on the other foot", we'd want tact used in the refusal…

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