Sir Lady Java Is A P.I.M.P.!

I am youngin’ so I did not know  of Sir Lady Java but thanks to HSK and TransGriot, I got some interesting tidbits and not so shocking tea about Sir Lady Java aka ‘The Prettiest Man On Earth’. Get into it below..

According to HSK, 67 year old Sir Lady Java is the first Afro-American transgender women to be sponsored by Afro-American Hollywood celebrities.

“ Lady Java is still being sponsored by Hollywood tricks. Redd Foxx used to trick off on Lady Java and so did Sammy Davis Jr.
Lady Java still looks good and some trick out here in Hollywood is still supporting her lifestyle.”
The Los Angeles based Sir Lady Java was born and grew up in New Orleans (where else) and is billed as ‘The Prettiest Man On Earth’ thanks to possessing 38-24-38 curves in her heyday. She told JET in an article published in the August 10, 1978 issue that she’d never had any surgical enhancement and is non operative.

You can read more about Sir Lady Java on TransGroit‘s blog! (if you are wondering about the ‘sir’, back in her day, they had to add ‘sir’ or ‘mister’ in the beginning of their stage name.. ask Mr. Charlie Brown)

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