Beyonce Stans: The Media Is Trying To Destroy Beyonce & Jay Z!

I am not ashamed to say that I am a HUGE fan of Beyonce and while I am not her biggest ‘stan’, I will ‘go there’ for her. Below is some information you should check out. I warned you that this IS a LONG read but I am sure you guys are capable of reading it with an open mind.

As you know for the past couple of months, Gossip sites and magazines have been going IN on Jay-Z and Beyonce and their recent visit at Lenox Hospital. There have been many blind items posted about the couple and just about every blog have ran with these lies.

I am not saying that Beyonce/JayZ are saints (I don’t believe anyone in the industry is 100%’s ALL about image) but I don’t believe the lies that have been printed, ESP about Beyonce’s pregnancy and it’s really sad that people would believe some of these ridiculous rumors but support others in the industry, who lie to their faces everyday. AGAIN Beyonce is not a saint but a player of the game. I feel as a blogger if you are going to call one out,CALL THEM ALL OUT! Anyway enough of my rants into the info below!


Shout out and ALL credit goes to UneedMorePeople for this info!

A CALL TO ALL BEYONCE FANS: Star Magazine’s Vendetta Against Beyonce needs to end!

Let me start this off by providing a little background on Star Magazine.

Star Magazine is run by American Media Inc. (AMI)

AMI Brands

Soap Opera Digest

Fit Pregnancy

National Enquirer
Natural Health

M & F Hers

Country Weekly

Men’s Fitness
Muscle & Fitness

Radar Online

Their Executive Officers:

David J. Pecker 
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President AMI

Chris Polimeni
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Kevin Hyson
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Leckey 
Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing

Diane Newman
Executive Vice President / Group Publisher

John Swider
Executive Vice President, Operations, of American Media, Inc.,
President and CEO of Distribution Services, Inc.

Jeffrey Laymon
Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Dave Thompson

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Michael Antonello
Vice President, General Counsel

Mike Roscoe
Chairman, Distribution Services Inc.

Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct

American Media Operations, Inc. and its subsidiaries (referred to collectively in this document as the “Company”) expect the highest possible ethical conduct from its principal executive officer and senior financial officers, which include the principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions.

 Now that that’s out of the way, let me begin.

While blog hopping as I do, I ran across a little article about Jay Z and some alleged mistress. The following week this certain blogger had another post that ended with him asking Jay Z to get in touch with him.  The post consisted of a conversation held with an employee of Star Magazine.  Here’s the exact quote:

Here’s what the tabloid told me:

(part of this conversation was dismissed due to irrelevance)

We spoke to people in Trinidad that knows the mother of his lovechild. We trying to find out how much Jay paid her to keep silent.
When Beyonce announced her pregnancy it was the highest ratings. We’re going after this couple because  they’re now bigger than Will and Jada.
People in the mainstream don’t know about Jay’s dirt like the Urban community does. That’s why we’re going to expose it.
Jacky do you know if Jay practices satanism?”

Before you ask, they’re referring to this child, Isa:

benny boom & isa

Who’s obviously directors Benny Boom’s son, seen here on the red carpet with his DAD and half-brother:


When I read that statement quoted above from the fraudulent rag Star, I knew there was going to be lies piled on top of lies piled on top of lies. They didn’t disappoint as I’ve read several “blind items” referring to BEYONCE and her pregnancy that contradicted each other. Of course they contradicted each other, it’s LIES.  Also one week after this blogger posted on Star contacting him for “dirt”, they ran their “story” as they told the blogger they would.

Star's vendetta against Beyonce

Let’s take a look at the contradicting lies shall we?

Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping!
Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month.
So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon. And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes shaking that baby money tree! Some money is going out (payments to medical professionals who will swear that they were there for the birth), but much, much more money will be coming in.
She will be making money off of the fake story of the baby’s birth (which will be a C-section for Real Mommy but a “vaginal” delivery for Floppy). And more money off of the baby photos. And the story of how important it is to her that she “breast-feeds” her baby. And the story of how she lost the “baby weight”. And the photos of her “new” body (with no stretch marks!) achieved with grueling workouts and healthy eating. And more stories about how amazingly fast she got back into shape and got back to work. What an incredible woman! Hey, there’s serious money to be made off of this baby, and you can be sure that Floppy will “milk” it for all it’s worth

Well just look at Beyonce “hiding” outside. 










jan 6 before Blue Ivy's birth

She was brought in from outside the United States. She only speaks Spanish (or Portuguese?), and has a child who is approximately Kindergarten age. She is fairly attractive, looks like she is in her late twenties, and has thick, dark brown hair and medium-colored skin. You probably wouldn’t notice her if she was walking down the street. However, it doesn’t really matter what she looks like, as she is simply the Surrogate for a baby that is a genetic combination of the soon-to-be Mom and Dad.
The Surrogate is currently living on the Lower West Side of Manhattan with her first child in a very nice apartment. She is not married, and does not really know anyone in New York, but she does want to stay here once the birth is over. The apartment is being paid for by the Couple. The Surrogate is well-cared for by a full-time staff person and there is always a doctor or nurse on call. She looks like she is approximately eight months pregnant, and is clearly much bigger than the Mom, who is simply playing pregnant.
By the way, the Mom was physically capable of bearing her own child, but she didn’t want to “ruin” her body.

Isn’t it nice to get the people who gained 90 lbs while pregnant and the anal retentive mommies of the world all riled up over the stuck up Beyonce not wanting to ruin her body by being bothered to birth her own child?  I see they picked the surrogate angle to run with. Oh lookey! She’s from a foreign land!  How convenient.

It’s coming down to the wire, folks! Just a few weeks to go. There’s one problem, though. She was looking too thin to be convincing. Thankfully, she found a solution that doesn’t include eating a single bowl of ice cream. It’s calledPrednisone. Taking excessive amounts of corticosteroids over time can result in some serious effects, including hypertension and cataracts. Another side effect is gaining weight, especially in the face and neck and abdomen. She knew this because it happened to her before. Last time it was accidental and was upsetting for her. Now, though, it’s purposeful, and is a solution to her problem.

She started taking Prednisone a couple of months ago, so she should be plumping up pretty soon. Fat face and neck coming right up! She not worried, though, because she’s been told that the weight will drop quickly once she tapers down below 10 mg a day. Followed, of course, by claims of how hard she worked to take off the weight.

This blind came exactly one day after the pictures of Beyonce shopping clearly looking pregnant hit the internet.  Remember they just told us she would be hiding.  How convenient you say? They also told us that “Another side effect is gaining weight, especially in the face and neck and abdomen.” which is all that’s shown in the pictures released from security cameras while shopping.  But lets look atall the side effects of prednisone shall we? headache, dizziness, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, inappropriate happiness, extreme changes in mood, changes in personality, bulging eyes, acne, thin fragile skin, red or purple blotches or lines under the skin, slowed healing of cuts and bruises, increased hair growth, changes in the way fat is spread around the body, extreme tiredness, weak muscles, irregular or absent menstrual periods, decreased sexual desire, heartburn, increased sweating, vision problems, eye pain redness or tearing, sore throat, fever, chills, cough, or other signs of infection, seizures, depression, loss of contact with reality, confusion, muscle twitching or tightening, shaking of the hands that you cannot control, numbness, burning, or tingling in the face, arms, legs, feet, or hands, upset stomach, vomiting, lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, sudden weight gain, shortness of breath, especially during the night, dry, hacking cough, swelling or pain in the stomach, swelling of the eyes, face, lips, tongue, throat, arms, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs, difficulty breathing or swallowing, rash, hives and itching.   

  Also, they start it off with it’s down to the wire and looking too thin, oh what to do what to do? The ended with she started taking some drug months ago to get fat. Well, which is it?  I thought she would be hiding? And once it got “down to the wire” she started abusing prescription drugs?  This is what I mean by reading between the contradicting lies.  They also tell us “she knew the side affects because it happened to her before while taking this medication”.  Really?  Prednisone is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and some symptoms of cancer.   So Beyonce has RA lupus MS or cancer is what they are telling us.  WOW! You’d never know judging by her athletic energetic envy inducing performances as shown in the picture below right?  

beyonce, take me higher

Ok.  I get it.  The cancer stricken or lupus addled or arthritis inflicted woman who needs sympathy and attention from the public decided the best way to get it is by faking a pregnancy?  You mean to tell me this attention whore couldn’t let the world know she was gravely ill while still being able to perform at super-human levels to get the public “on her side”?  Who taught her attention whoring, Johnny Depp? I guess she is out of touch. 

This couple is seriously out of touch. They think that everyone should love and admire them, even when they lie and behave arrogantly.  So they are genuinely surprised when their own missteps cause bad publicity.
How to quiet the haters? Their publicist has the answer! In an emergency meeting with the couple, the publicist told them to play the victim. So, to turn this situation around, they will be very quickly and consciously releasing news of past hardships to elicit sympathy. How could anyone pick on such wonderful people who have worked so hard and suffered so much to get where they are today? Shame on all you haters out there! You’re all just jelly!

 Isn’t this nice they had this “info’ but sat on it until after Jay Z released that adorable yet heartbreaking Glory song dedicated to Blue Ivy?  Yeah, this blind came exactly one day after the release of the song where Jay raps about Beyonce’s miscarriage.  As a Beyonce fan/stan I can tell you for a fact Beyonce never expects everyone to love and admire her.  Solange even told us in Beyonce’s mini docu with MTV that even as a child little kids hated Beyonce just because.  Everything was and is always Beyonce’s fault.  Bey let us know how she cried over the hateful words thrown at her and written about her over the Destiny’s Child shake up.  When has Beyonce not received hate for everything from singing live to walking down the street? Oh yes Star, we believe you.

And to let you know, don’t even try to comment on Blind Gossip (BG) regarding any of these stories because you will be automatically banned.  Unless you bash Beyonce and blame her for your miserable life, you are not welcomed.  No facts, no questions, just bash Beyonce and you’re good.

BG is in Star’s pocket.  MK from DListed always ribs Bey.  Even he laughs at these blinds and have noticed the outright lies.  The last time he posted one of Stars submitted blinds to BG and/or RadarOnline, he said they are written by out of work All My Children staffers.  He doesn’t even publish their blinds about Beyonce anymore.  Remind you, this is the man that calls Solange Basement Baby and finds several jokes to tell about Beyonce in anything he posts of her.

THIS IS A CALL TO ALL BEYONCE FANS!  Let’s get together and flood AMI’S offices with our displeasure in their magazine’s vendetta against Beyonce simply because she and Jay “are bigger than Will and Jada now“.  SHOW THEM WHY THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE MASSES!  



American Media Inc.
4 New York Plaza
New York, NY 10004

Phone: 212-545-4800

Primary Press Contact:
Samantha Trenk
Vice President, Public Relations

Phone:  212-545-4896

Board of Directors

David J. Pecker 
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President AMI

Lawrence S. Kramer 
Former President of CBS Digital Media

Philip L. Maslowe
Former Chief Financial Officer, The Wackenhut Corporation

Susan Tolson
Former Analyst and Manager at Capital Research Company

Michael Elkins
Portfolio Manager, Avenue Capital US Funds

David Licht
Senior Vice President, Avenue Capital US Funds

Daniel Flores
Senior Vice President, Avenue Capital US Funds

Gavin Baiera
Managing Director, Angelo Gordon

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