My Thoughts On Khloe Not Being A REAL Kardashian!

Although the tabloids have been heavy on the claims that Khloe is not really a Kardashian and that she was a result of an affair her mother had with  another man, this rumor has been floating for a while.

Honestly I think it’s kinda cruel to make such claims, whether they are true or not.

The most disrespectful thing you can do to someone,is to question the father of a human being. 

Khloe Kardashian is indeed a Kardashian, conceived and raised by the late Robert George Kardashian. Like in the episode of Khloe questioning if they really are her parents Kris Jenner presented her with her birth certificate with both her name and Robert Kardashian’s.

Like many, those women were out for themselves, not Rob Sr. or Khloe.

Khloe should ‘pay’ her evil stepmothers (the term fits) no mind. If you want to be technical, Khloe (and the rest) had two fathers who loved them, Robert and Bruce. The evil stepmothers only want MONEY and FAME. To do this via a tabloid is cruel and mean to Khloe. She replied on Twitter, now the best thing she can do is drop it and not give them any more publicity. 

Y’all know I am not #teamkardashian, they aren’t my favorite bunch of people but I was pressed to express my two cents. 

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