Benny Medina’s Sister Outs Diddy & Will Smith!

Celebrity manager Benny Medina’s sister Katrina put two of Benny’s former clients, Will Smith and Diddy on blast! 

Of course the grudge has been carried over for twenty plus years. According to Kat’, Diddy is a user (duh!) and Will Smith is gay (duh again). Check out the video below..

Okay, let me get this straight…you go on video, talk all kinds of shit about Diddy, you call Will Smith gay, and Jada Pinkett-Smith bi-sexual, and you expect that these stars are going to help you?

Who are these people? I get so sick and tired of people sitting on their ass trying to put everyone else on blast because they can’t get a free handout. All this stuff they’re complaining about sounds like it happened years ago. What have these people done since then. 

When the son said “if you’re shooting a movie get me in”… WHAT?! How about you go out to auditions like everyone else trying to make it and put yourself out there and make a name for yourself through hard work. And when they both said “diddy needs to step up to the plate” Diddy ain’t his daddy this is a grown ass man he should be making moves for him damn self. I don’t understand how they’re mad at will and diddy, but not her brother who according to them made diddy and will. If that’s the case then why won’t HE help them out?

Bottom line they need to stop complaining and go get real jobs. Not everyone is going to be a big Hollywood star. Maybe dude just ain’t that talented, or maybe his work ethic just sucks. If I was him I would have taken the internship. It beats not doing anything but begging for handouts. That internship could’ve probably lead to a good career!

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