TV Court "Reality"; LOL, WHERE do they find these FOOLS??

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Jan. 13, 2012

Let me start by saying that I love’em! I start off almost every day, at 1:30 PM, watching “Judge Alex”, and don’t turn from that channel all the way through “Judge Joe Brown” and “Judge Judy” (I think Judge Judy’s my favorite, with her sarcastic quips like, ” ‘Uhm’ is not an answer”, “Look at me”, and “I don’t care about that; I’m not Dr. Phil”), that ends at 4:00 PM.

Now I can understand the plaintiffs (most of them who actually have a case); they are seeking monetary recompense for some financial, physical/material or mental injury they feel they have suffered at the hands of another, and don’t mind bringing their case before the public, consisting of the millions of television viewers who also like to watch these shows. For the most part, they seem to be ordinary, rational people who have an honest to God complaint, although there are that handful that make me ask, “You really came on television for THAT??” (like the woman suing a former friend for ‘mental anguish’ for nasty texts). I suppose it’s worth it to them to be flown from across the country to Los Angeles, CA. to air their grievence(s).

But I have to shake my head and sometimes roll on the floor laughing at some of the fools who stand in the defendants’ spot. Do they really think it’s worth it to stand there and be made to look like the real heels, fools, inconsiderate children (or friend, landlord, co-worker, ex-lover, etc.) and just plain a**hole before the whole country, even for a free trip?? After all, they must return home to wherever they’re from; don’t they realize someone in their hometown has seen them?

I mean, how does the show even get them to come? One example of some real foolishness was the guy I saw yesterday, who was suing his former friend for $2,500. Through a complicated story around a borrowed car and money, he (the plaintiff) admitted to breaking into his friend’s car and stealing money he had “loaned” him, saying, “Yeah, I broke in and took it; he owed me that money.” All I could say was “WOW”, as Judge Joe Brown dismissed his claim, telling him he could not come before the court for redress with “unclean hands”, and warning him of the felony charges he was now facing (is this fool now gonna have to face the law when his plane lands?). This was absolutely crazy to me!

And what about the people who come clear across the country unprepared? I’ve seen Judge Judy lay them out time and time again for not coming with any PROOF (documents, receipts, etc.) that will support their claim (or defense; this oversight is carried on both sides of the aisle at different times). She’ll say, “DIDN’T YOU KNOW YOU WERE COMING TO COURT??? HOW COULD YOU COME CLEAN ACROSS COUNTRY, FLY SIX HOURS, AND HAVE NO PAPERWORK? OR THINK OF A DEFENSE? AM I JUST SUPPOSE TO TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT? YOU THINK YOU WERE GOING TO DISNEYLAND??” This just cracks me up!! (And I shake my head.)

I’ve tried to search online to see just how these people are chosen, to no avail. Hopefully one of my readers will have some insight into this.

I wonder if it’s like a game show, where the show stands the costs of the settlements (the judge determining who wins the “prize”); I also wonder if these decisions are legally binding. I kinda doubt these shows have subpeona powers, so how do they get the defendants to show up? Do they pay them? Do the litigants cook up a case and bring it to the show? I somehow don’t think scriptwriters could come up with some of this stuff.

These are some of the questions I ask to myself, as I am entertained by these “reality” television court shows (and keep on laughing at these fools, wondering, “WHERE do they FIND them???”


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