Diva’s Live: Janet Jackson’s ‘If’

These days,Janet Jackson (Ms Jackson if you are nasty) is currently the spokesperson of Nutrisystem, in the 70s she was the cutesy kid sister of the legendary Jackson’s family, In the 80s, she grew up and took control of her own career, but it was the 90s when she became the ultimate seductress and men (and women) everywhere took notice. For those, who disagree, Listen to 93′ hit ‘If’, her second single of the janet. album.

Already a diva, known for her high energy dancing and catchy tunes, she took it up a notch, given us a naughty song mix with choreography that the kids today are still imitating. Back in the 90s, you couldn’t dance unless you knew the ‘If’ dance (choreographed by Tina Landon)

“If” deals with a female narrator’s fantasies of being someone’s girlfriend. The track contains a sample from Diana Ross & the Supremes’ 1969 song “Someday We’ll Be Together”, and is built on a heavy metal guitar riff heard throughout the song. The combination of heavy hip hop/new jack swing beats with an electric guitar and a trip hop sound was a relative departure in sound for Jackson, and an extension of styles she developed on her previous album, Rhythm Nation 1814.

Janet performed the song as a medley with “That’s the Way Love Goes” at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards.[23] Jackson performed the song on all of her tours since the release of janet., Janet World Tour (1993-1995), The Velvet Rope World Tour (1998-1999), All for You Tour (2001-2002), Rock Witchu Tour (2008) and Number Ones: Up Close and Personal (2011). On the janet. World Tour, Jackson performed “If” as the opening song. 


*Did you know that ‘If’ was originally suppose to be the lead single from her janet. album but she opted against it. It did, however became Jackson’s second top five hit from the janet. album!

*Before becoming a diva in her own right, Jennifer Lopez was one of Janet’s backup dancer during her janet. era! (Check out the live video above)

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