Gay Mentally Challenged Man Murdered In Detroit Over Sunglasses!

It happened back on December 17th at an apartment building on Vinewood in southwest Detroit. Family members say Charlie, who was openly gay and slightly challenged, stepped on some sunglasses by accident. 

Two men reportedly got angry, used gay slurs and started hitting Charlie. He hit back and the fight escalated and someone pulled a knife and in the end Charlie lay dead.
His mom Anna says she found him covered in blood, nearly naked. 
Two men were arrested, one was released and the other, Titus Willis, is charged with manslaughter.
Charlie’s family says that’s not enough. So they said prayers and lit candles and say they won’t give up until they feel they have justice for Charlie.
They say he was a good person who wouldn’t hurt anyone and they can’t believe he was killed because he stepped on a pair of sunglasses.

To add insult to the tragic incident, the murderers were charged with manslaughter instead of murder! AND they are NOT considering this a hate crime, even though the poor man was stripped, stabbed and murdered in cold blood, while several witnesses overheard anti-gay slurs…..over some damn sunglasses!


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  1. this is not fair.this is basically saying its ok to kill just becareful who is around.NO its not ok.its not showing the public that police are really here to protect and serve why is it that when someone is murdered the family is the one who usually finds all the answers and even with the answers and truth in front of your face the killer still gets to walk,see their family? its time we stop hate crime

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