You’re NEVER Too Old To Be A Queen..

circa 1963

Who dresses up like this to go out anymore?  An old-school sissy – that’s who!  Alot of us can probably do without the eyeliner and rouge today (or is it that it’s just more expertly applied) but now it’s all about jeans, expensive sneakers that only last for a season and “designer” T-shirts.  Yesterday, it was all about ELEGANCE! 

Back in his day, he probably  stood in front of the mirror beating his face for hours while listening to Dinah Washington or Dakota Staton on the stereo.  Of course, he had a glass of Seagrams or rum and coke! 

He probably ended up at the club for few drinks with friends to let his hair down …..literally!  He eventually took off that hot sport coat and came up out of that silk tie and did the Sophisticated Sissy with the best of them!  And why not?  After a whole week of being both gay and black in 1963, wouldn’t you? 

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