Henry Davis (Bassist Of Funk Group L.T.D.) Dies

‘Dr. Bass’ Henry Davis, the bass player for the great R&B band L.T.D. (Love, Togetherness and Devotion) has died. Davis began his career playing behind the popular 60s group the Friends of Distinction before joining L.T.D.  During the 80s, he worked with Lionel Richie, Morris Day and the Time and Diana Ross (providing the notable bass line in her hit “Love Hangover”).
Davis rejoined the reunited L.T.D. a few years ago and also worked at two Los Angeles churches, playing bass for Messiah Missionary Baptist Church and conducting the the choir at St Paul Catholic Church.

Love Togetherness and Devotion (later shortened to L.T.D.) was one the best and most popular self-contained Soul groups of the 70s, and was the springboard for the great Soul balladeer Jeffrey Osborne.  Formed in 1968 at Greensboro, North Carolina, the group was “super-sized” by the time it signed with A&M Records in 1973, with members Carle Vickers (trumpet/sax/flute), Toby Wynn (sax), Abraham “Onion” Miller (sax), Arthur Lorenzo Carnegie (sax, flute, guitar), Jeffrey (drums and vocals) and brother Billy Osborne (keyboards), Henry Davis (bass, flute, keyboards), Jimmy Davis (keyboards and musical director), guitarist Johnny McGhee and horn player Jake Riley. 

Funeral services will held Thursday, January 26.Services begin at 11:00am, at Messiah Missionary Batist Church, 4500 West Adams, Los Angeles, CA 


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