Out & About : The Ladies Of ‘Motor City Wives’ At Club Prive In Detroit!

As you may know by now, there’s a new “Wives” reality show in the works, and this new edition “Motor City Wives” takes place in Detroit with some familiar faces. “Flavor Of Love 2″ winner Deelishis, and Sara Stokes of “Making The Band 2″ and Da Band will star on the show. Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s sister Ayanna Kilpatrick-Ferguson will also be on “Motor City Wives,” along with author Valencia R. Williams and transsexual diva Julisa.

You may have heard of Julisa, the diva who outed Jojo Simmons, claiming that he hooked up with her on twitter. (who went out of his way to deny the  claims since.) 

At first I wasn’t not really interested in seeing another ‘wives’ show for all the obvious reasons but since there is so much REAL scandals going on within this crew, I am interested in seeing what the show is about.

Unless you been under a rock , Deelishis (aka London Charles)  has been in the news, along with her husband Orlando Gordon. Rumor has it, that her husband is an undercover drug lord with a third grade education. Word is he is already in custody and Deelishis might get slap with charges as well. Hopefully we can get the tea on that.

Meanwhile, We haven’t heard much from  Sara Stokes since her infamous case with ex husband, who reportedly beat her up. Hopefully she will spill tea on the situation with ‘Da Band’ and Diddy along with other drama.

The show is still being shopped around but in the meantime check out these pics below with some of the cast (and crew) of the show.

Sara Stoke, Hair Stylist Sharon Williams, Julisa

Sara Stokes, Hair Stylist Sharon Williams, Julisa

Julisa, Valencia Williams

Julisa with assistant Antwon Green

Julisa in a Susan Gray dress

Shout out to Salon 501 and Susan Gray Boutique  located at 106 E 5th st. Royal Oak Michigan 48067

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