Tell the Past "Thank You"

  We all have made mistakes in our lives and well have a past.  There are often times in our future when our past wants to try (keyword: TRY) and creep on us and cause us to try and hide and do a cover up defense in order to protect our future.  When we try to hide and lie about the mistakes that we’ve made we often set ourselves up for failure and a chance of being exposed as a fake and a fraud.  One thing we must do is tell the past “Thank You.”
  “Why tell the past ‘Thank you,'” you may ask.  Well telling the past “Thanks,” allows you to see the amount of growth that you’ve had and the milestones that you have reached.  Whenever you look at the abuse that you’ve survived, the crazy mistakes that you’ve learned from, and the chances you took that got you to the higher position you should thank God for everything.  When you thank your past, you’re simply saying “Thank you for making me the person that I am today.” Without those key experiences and the consequences and reactions from our actions, we would not have been able to learn, live, and experience the lessons that life has presented us.
  One experience that I will always and forever say thank you for will be my experience from a church that I was once a member of.  I remember being told that everything about me was wrong.  It got to the point to where I had gotten tired of the hypocrisy and I decided to live my life for me.  However, I realized that particular set of “Christians” didn’t value me unless I benefited them.  I ended up separating myself from them and learning who “Bradley” is as a person.  Over the last year and a half, I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve learned to let no one hold the keys to my dream.  No matter what people do or say, I must do what is right for me and I’ve learned to love myself despite how other people feel.
  I thank God for this experience. I wouldn’t change this for the world.  Although I had to go through hell and hurt, it caused me to be a better person and it caused me to love myself and see myself as the precious gem that God made me to be.  I really thank this experience because through it, I am able to help other people who have been hurt by church folks who are merely wolves.
Again, tell your past “Thank You,” because it caused you to grow and to learn new things. The past also gave you insight as well as more fame.  Don’t forget to thank your past.

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