What do u Desire?

       Ever Thought about how your Perfect Day would be? Seriously, have you ever put into thought, If I could have the perfect day for a full 24 hours, what would it consist of?  Go ahead, take a moment and think about it. What are your desires? Your aspirations? Your Dreams? Your career??  If youre unsure, thats fine. Lets simplify it some more. What is something that you enjoy, that you could do all day, everyday and get total Peace from it, total Bliss?  Is it a hobby, is it something, you’re currently brushing under the rug? If so, grab it and take a hold of it. It doesnt have to be anything Extravagant. It can be as simple as writing, photography, dancing, or singing? What do u ultimately desire?
      Now that youve thought about it, what are you doing to obtain this perfect day? What are you doing to fufill your aspirations? To live out your Dreams?  We often become so complacent in our lives, we fail to realise life is meant to be Enjoyed. We get stressed, because we expect stress. We get worried, because we expect worry. We get sad, because we dwell on sadness. Get Happy. Desire Happiness.  Demand it like its a Priority. When u get Happy, Happy things come your way.  No One should live in Dismay, the world is full of too many Good things. Dont doubt yourself, Live in Inspiration. Get Discipline. Do whatever you think it requires to obtain this perfect day, dream job or career & complete happiness, do it legally of course.Lol.  And once youve obtained your Happy & Success, spread the Love, make it contagious. Be a witness to your own Revalation, share your story, help others. Do it in Love.  Ever heard of Karma? We all have. You reap what you sow, if you give Happy, you will get Happy in Return & Life will begin to unfold & turn into the Dream you Desired. Make it a Great Day, dont settle for nothing Less!

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