‘Down Low Bro’ Reality Show Coming Soon?

Word on these gay streets of Atlanta, there is a new reality show (like we REALLY need another!) is being shopped around.It’s featuring wait for it…..Down low professional men from ATL!

Following in the foot-steps of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a new show was pitched to networks showing the real lives of gay black men in Atlanta.


The controversial reality show will reportedly display the secrets double lives of professional black men.  “We’re just tired of being straight during the day and gay at night.  Our community needs to at least respect us.  They don’t have to accept it, but please respect it,” said one participant in the reality show.


The pilot was secretly pitched for fear that religious groups would work to boycott the series.  As the show’s producer explained, “Especially the Black Church seems to think we want to encourage kids to be gay.  We just want to encourage people to be themselves”.


Bravo and other networks are reportedly in the running to land the series which will apparently feature at least one “well-know black celebrity figure”.

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  1. Can't wait for the homophobes to get light of this..

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