Christina Aguilera Has A ‘Bloody’ Situation; Killed ‘At Last’ At Etta Jame’s Funeral!

The industry came out to pay their respect to legendary diva Etta James, who passed away last weekend at the age of 73.

Of course Christina Aguilera was present to pay tribute to her idol, singing the classic ‘At Last’. Some history for the kids, who may not have known this already, Before Beyonce, it was Christina Aguilera who introduced us to Etta James.

But unfortunately her tribute to Etta, nor Etta’s funeral itself was not the talk of the town.A video surfaced of Christina Aguilera  getting ready to sing and then this happen..

Christina just wanted to sing, but Aunt Flow wasn’t trying to hear that. 

Now I am not a woman (between my legs) so I don’t know of about bloody vaginas and the timing of it, but I thought women knew when their ‘time of the month’ was due.

We know Christina doesn’t always like to wear panties but I refuse to believe that she didn’t know her period was due and she didn’t prepare for it.

Other sources say that, it was not a bloody moment but the result of some bad tanning solution. Apparently she  was sweating and the solution started to drip. I know blood doesn’t look like that.

Honestly I am not sure and I hope it’s the latter of the story. Regardless I think it’s embarrassing and I felt sorry for Christina. At least she pulled the performances off though. 

Christina Aguilera may have had a little accident during her tribute at Etta James’ funeral as she sang “At Last.” No one really knows for sure.

If you ask me,just because you’re singing at a funeral, it doesn’t mean you can cry from your vagina for the world to see.

I am sure Etta got her life though! Rest in peace Etta and Christina, it’s okay honey! You did your thing and you know I love your black ass!

Check out the moving performance below…

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