Encourage Yourself

  What does it mean to encourage? Encourage means to give hope to or inspire to continue doing a work.  Sometimes in life we often get to a point to where we feel discouraged and it seems that there is no one there to encourage us. We often run from place to place looking for encouragement only to be let down.
   However, in order for you to have the extra push to keep on going and reaching towards your dream, you must take Donald Lawrence’s advice and Encourage Yourself.  Sometimes you have to speak to your own self and declare “I’m going to make it. I am an overcomer.” Life and death lies in the power of our own tongue.  If you speak defeat, then defeat you will have. If you speak victory, then victory you will have.  Sometimes we have to look in the mirror and assert ourselves that we are winners. We must tell ourselves that we are going to get there no matter what it takes.  We’ve got to maintain Malcolm X’s “By any mean necessary,” attitude. By all means that are positive and right, I will obtain my dream.  
  Go encourage yourself that your name is VICTORY!!!

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