RHOA Marlo Hampton Apologizes For Anti-Gay Slur…Do You Believe Her?

In case you missed the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the girls (minus Kim) took a trip to Africa with Marlo Hampton in tow (who was invited by cast mate Nene Leakes).

During a heated exchange between Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield that began when Sheree invited Cynthia Bailey—one of the show’s “tall” crew—to a party but neglected to extend the same courtesy to NeNe Leakes and Marlo.

Marlo confronted Sheree, and things got ugly.

“Well anyway, that’s why you don’t have a man. Go and hang with them faggots with your ugly a$$,” said Marlo.

Since the incident Marlo has issued an apology..

“It is with great disappointment in myself and sincere regret that I would like to issue to my friends, my most ardent supporters, and my followers, this statement:  

I would like to offer from the bottom of my heart the fullest and most heartfelt apology for my recent use of an anti-gay slur,” Marlo wrote on her site.

“When I used this word, I was not mindful of the demeaning connotation that this has in the gay community.  My speech was irresponsible, thoughtless and said with the intention of conveying anger rather than as a statement on my feelings towards the gay community as a whole,” wrote Marlo.
Although it didn’t air on the show (yet), Marlo said she immediately regretted her choice of words.  

My first action, after the incident was to contact my closest friend and assistant of 8 years and to confess what I had done, to express my sadness and regret, and to ask him for his forgiveness.  I was devastated at the thought of having hurt or embarrassed him as well as any member of the gay community and relish this opportunity to publicly apologize,” she said.
Marlo didn’t mention whether she’d apologized to Bravo executive Andy Cohen, the host of “Watch What Happens Live!” who is openly gay. However, honorary “housewive” Miss Lawrence tweeted: “Marlo and I have spoke about the comment she made 2 Sheree. There was no shade@ me personally. We r great friends and truly value each other.”
Despite her use of the slur, Marlo had some words of admiration for members of the gay community.

I applaud and admire this community for their triumph over a sometimes harsh, mean spirited society that discriminates and even violently attacks those who are different.  These are obstacles that I relate to and that I have been inspired by them to overcome.  I celebrate this community and am saddened by any indication otherwise, that my actions may have caused.  

I look forward to continuing to build my strong relationship with you, my followers and supporters, and those of you who do not yet know me and my heart.  I look forward to work to regain your trust, respect and your love which has so empowered me over the years.  I also thank you for allowing me to address you personally and to let you know how deeply sorry I am,” she said.
See how it all went down here.
I don’t care about Marlo’s past. We ALL have a past, her is just public for the whole world to see. Some of us kings and queens aren’t perfect either. Don’t make me call out some of you street walkers and stunt queens!

I get that Marlo said those words in the heat of the moment, HOWEVER I am not buying her apology. She obviously meant what she said or else she wouldn’t have said that. If you truly care about your GAY friends, you wouldn’t not think of uttering such cruel words. 

All too often, I have encounter with people who act one way to your face but when the shit hits the fan, their truth colors come out and you see them for who they REALLY  are and what they feel.

Just because you have a GAY assistant and you have gay ‘friends’ does not give you the right to say those words and think that it won’t come back on you. Marlo better understand QUICK that it’s the gays that keep her relevant and we will not tolerate her behavior! 

She better watch her mouth. It’s bad enough she is in the SAME league as Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian and she is ONLY relevant because she was f*cking Ted Turner and broke up his marriage with Jane Fonda!

Get it together Marlo!

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