Bishop Eddie Long Is Crowned ‘KING’!

King Eddie Long

“He’s no longer a commoner,” said Messer. “He’s not on the Earth! He’s raised from Earth into a Heavenly realm! He’s raised in a prophetic position…God has made a prophet out of you.”

The world is truly going to hell, on the midnight train on fire, in gasoline drawers and if you attend New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, You will be seating in the VIP section next to Bishop…exuse me…KING Eddie Long!
In the video posted below you can see Bishop Long being carried around the church by four men and then lifted into the air during a ceremony that was meant to uplift him from others and make him a king.

Why do people insist on staying behind and protecting people who are obviously wrong?

People are so willing to turn a blind eye to something just because it’s something they don’t want to hear. Not just a blind eye actually, but stick their head in the sand with a pair of $100 ear plugs. The media scolds them, most do. But there always are a bunch of crazies that support something.
This foolishness is turning people away from Christianity. Never mind the fact that this man got away with murder in the WORST way and is still practicing his mess in Atlanta.

And the sad part is, some people are actually being deceived by this. Just goes to show how many people haven’t read the Bible in it’s entirety.
Pure foolery, blasphemy and mockery of the Lord in the WORST way!
SMH #icant

Christ is supposed to be praised, not man, woman or anything.. Give God the Glory!

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