The TRUTH Behind Don Cornelius Suicide..

Yesterday, we reported the sad news that Soul Train creator Don Cornelius took his own life at the age of 75. Later in the day,  Humor Mill Magazine  spilled the tea on  the reason as to why Cornelius took his life.

This morning we all woke up with some very sad news; we discovered that Soul Train Founder Don Cornelius took his own life with a gunshot wound to the head in an apparent suicide in his home in Sherman Oaks, California.
Well, this afternoon our sources confirmed the reasoning behind Cornelius’ actions. We hear that Don was having a very bad bout with cancer, and while this was going on, he was in a bitter dispute with his wife over the insurance money that would be delegated to her upon his death from the deadly disease. Our sources state that Don wanted the money to be given to his son Tony, but because of his marriage and his failing health the insurance was to be given to his wife. Don made the decision to take his own life since his doctor stated he had weeks left to live.


There definitely may be some truth to this. He have been having some severe health issues but California  f you had the policy more than 2 years – the policy pays for a suicide. And Don’s policy was  reportedly more than 2 years old.


Regardless this is such a sad story…

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