Rabbi Ralph Messer Is A Stunt Queen; Not Even A REAL Rabbi!

Yesterday I posted the video of Bishop…excuse me again..King Eddie Long’ bizarre crowning ceremony, which was conducted by a man, we know now as Rabbi Ralph Messer.

Since that fourteen mins of foolery went viral, Christian & Jewish has been up in arms, not because the ‘King’ paid off 15 million to shut up his former ‘sugar babies’, but because the ‘ritual’ that took place was a big scam (something that is not new at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church) and Rabbi Messer is not even a legit rabbi!

Get into the tea below!

Ralph Messer’s no more a rabbi than is my mom’s cat. He’s a particularly egregious Jew for Jesus minister from Colorado, and is notorious for trying to get young Jews to convert to Christianity under the guise of it somehow being “Jewish.” He seems to think that taking the same old Protestantism and gussying it up with some Hebrew and a few nods toward Jewish ritual somehow makes it not so Christian.
Jews for Jesus are a fairly offensive bunch in general, and Messer, being quite outspoken and prominent (he appears all the time on Christian cable networks, and at Christian events. He even managed to somehow convince the North Dakota legislature to let him to their opening prayer) is a notably distasteful specimen.


Messer is a proponent of so-called Messianic Judaism, a religious movement founded in the 1960s that wraps evangelical Christian theology in Jewish cultural trappings.

Put simply, it’s a Christian movement. Messer is a Christian minister.

And despite Messer’s claim to be acting “on behalf of the Jewish people and the land of Israel,” there’s nothing Jewish about the performance he put on at Long’s church. Neither the ritual nor the language of Messer’s act have any basis in Jewish traditions, while his repeated references to the divinity of Jesus and quotations from the Christian bible make his actual theology clear.

Also, the “priceless” Torah scroll Messer wraps Long in is almost certainly a fake. As you can see at 5:15 in the video, the thing is held together with scotch tape.


Oh, and one more tip for “Rabbi” Messer, if he’s reading this. The name of the Nazi concentration camp where you claim you found that scroll? It’s Auschwitz-Birkenau, not “Auschwitz and Birkendal.”




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