Sexy Actor (@actorbrianwhite) Brian J White Sound Off On Reality Shows, Stereotypes Plus More!

I always admired sexy actor Brian J White! Not only is he hot to look at on the silver screen but he is also very opinionated and not afraid to say what he feels. The actor recently did an interview (which was chopped and screwed by the way.) and he spoke his mind about Tyler Perry movies and stereotypical portrayals  on television. Keep in mind the excerpts below is not the entire interview but what he said was right on. Get into it after the jump!

What is your insight on the Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry beef? Why do you think people hate Tyler Perry so much?

Because Tyler holds a mirror up to people. Stereotypes are not stereotypes today.The most popular character [in Why Did I Get Married?], and it’s not the one that Tyler picked as the most popular, is Tasha! You have Janet Jackson and Jill Scott; my point is Jill Scott and Janet are huge music stars with huge fan bases, Tasha became the most popular because her character is portrayed the most like “Love & Hip Hop” the most like, “Desperate Housewives of Atlanta,” [we think he means “Housewives Of Atlanta] you might as well switch it around and pop in Nene [Leaks]. [Tasha Smith] is brilliant, she’s nothing like the character, she’s just portraying what she sees in society, magnified.

People get mad and say that’s not us. Yes it is.

Turn on “Love & Hip Hop” and turn on “Desperate Housewives Of Atlanta” those are “reality shows.” You can’t call something reality then get mad when it shows up in the movies as reality but that’s what we’re doing. That’s where the cycle continues. They don’t do that in Africa, they don’t do that in France; they don’t connect with that message.

Do you think Tyler Perry only depicts black people in a negative light? There are a lot of black people who fit into the stereotype but there are a lot of black people who don’t.

You can’t call it a stereotype if it’s the majority. The most prevalent image in “urban society” right now is women like Nene [Leaks]. If there’s a fight that breaks out on “Love & Hip Hop” those people are one every blog, the cover of every magazine the next week.It’s not Taraji or Gabrielle, it’s whoever just got into a fist fight. Tyler’s not stereotyping, he’s holding up a mirror and people are mad at him because people don’t want to look at that image in that way.

Do you believe that the stereotypes we see on TV are prevalent in the race or just portrayed on TV? Is it really the majority of black women that act like Nene?

I have five sisters and two moms, none of them are like that! To me, I can say I’m offended if they want to represent that and don’t want to represent my mom, but my mom represents Phylicia Rashād and has been represented on TV all my life. I can’t say that.I don’t watch “Real Housewives,” I’ve never seen an episode of “Love & Hop Hop” I’m not supporting it, I’m not giving it ratings. I’m not making the stereotype exist on TV. You’ve watched it, you’ve added to why it’s on TV.

Of course White, who was recently married is not stranger to backlash from the black community . Keep in mind, his wife is of color as well as she is latina, but that didn’t stop people for feeling some type of way because he married a woman, who isn’t black.

Never mind the fact that he may ACTUALLY love the woman and vice versa.

Reality television has continue to display women of color as bitter, violent gold diggers and we continue to watch it and glorify it but when we see movies like Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married’ or ‘For Colored Girls’, we are quick to be defensive and blame the mirror for what we see. And what is SICK is that these women in the movies are talented sistas who have been in the game forever but yet they are standing lines competing for the same role. They are winning Oscars and such , the roles are always demeaning and stereotypical.

These days you don’t have to do much to be famous or to star in a reality show. Make a sextape and become a superstar. It’s like we are rewarding bad girl behavior!

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