NeNe Leakes Fires BACK At Brian White, Saying “He’s Just JEALOUS”! My Thoughts.

Yesterday actor Brian White’s shared his opinions about racial stereotypes on reality TV, and included Nene Leaks as an example of realistic.

NeNe Leakes wasn’t too happy when she found out that actor Brian White had called her a racial stereotype” during a recent rant. The “RHOA” star took to Twitter to defend herself and said maybe he’s a little jealous that’s she booking acting gigs!

I am not surprise Nene went THERE but we ALL can agree that she is only popular because she continues to display hoodratness and play it off as ‘keep it real’. White people love her because they think that’s how ALL black women REALLY act.

And not just with black women, but women in general. Women no longer conduct themselves with class and they continue to cast the ‘nut cases’ and write it off as entertainment. ‘Mob Wives’ and Jersey Shore is a prime example of this. The constant drama, the violences..but we think that is entertaining.

I get that some people love these types shows and all the drama is normal to them because that’s what they see in their everyday life. It’s very strange to me, how people can applaud such nasty manners instead of showing the young generation what it means to be a lady.

Of course people are going to side with Nene because they already feel some type of way that Brian J White had the NERVE to marry a ‘white’ woman (she is latina which means she is of color by the way.)

Black people are just as prejudice as any other race. Because he didn’t marry a BLACK woman, he hates himself? He hates black women? I don’t get that rhetoric. Dare I say it, Black women probably didn’t want him and he found someone who loved him.

Nene created her ‘character’ as a loud-mouthed ignorant woman.that was the persona she created so why is she angry now? Now she wants to pretend she has class. Its going to be hard for people to see her any other way. She played her role too well. Somebody give her an Academy award QUICK!

The truth hurts and sometimes it stings to the core. Get a band-aid and get over it!


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  1. NeNe’s FAVORITE word… bitch ain’t nobody jealous of your 2 missing teeth, missing man, missing wealth, or that missing ‘career’ of yours. Have a seat on them damn steps and shut the hell up.

    Money has changed her. Miss Thing better watch it because surely will take it away!

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