#SexTalk: @OfficialSampson Teaches How To Be A Good Bottom!

This tutorial may not be for ‘everyone’.

With information that is out there, it’s shocking to know that there are ‘bottoms‘ out there, who don’t understand the importances of cleanliness before anal sex. Lord knows I hate when I am gettin’ it poppin with that fine piece of trade only to find out that he is not exactly ‘clean’.

Ladies and Bottoms, don’t fear for Comedian Sampson McCormick is here to give it to ya straight with no lube (kidding)

Watch the video and LEARN!

Have you ever gotten a late night booty call from that sexy piece of trade with those dreadlocks and full lips that can come lay it down just the way that you like it?? And even though you KNEW you weren’t ready you went anyway??? And wasn’t completely comfortable or EVEN had an accident???

Maybe you’re considering bottoming or may be looking for some extra advice on being the best bottom that you can be, part of which requires GOOD HYGIENE.

In this session of the SEX CHRONICLES series, we discuss healthy techniques and practices for bottoming so that it’s an enjoyable experience for you and your sex partner, and MOST OF ALL, so that YOU DON’T MAKE A MESS!!!!

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