Atlanta Gang Brutally Assaults Man; Chants ‘No Faggots In Jack City’ (My Thoughts)

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good [wo]men to do nothing!

I tried to produce a video response but I was too upset to really put it together.I am sure you have heard about the incident that happen right here in Atlanta.

A video posted to the website World Star Hip-Hop and YouTube ( has since been taken down there for violating terms of service) shows a brutal gang attack on a man outside a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia. In the clip, the man is beaten while another laughs and repeats, “No faggots in Jack City.”

The business, located at 1029 McDaniel Street SW, is a popular congregating spot for members of the Pittsburgh Jack City Gang (or “PBJC”). The group has also used the name “Jack City 1029.”

It was said that the incident happen last weekend and it was not reported.


However the incident is under investigation.

Before I get into my rant, I would like to know why the man in the orange shirt did absolutely nothing when this young was getting jumped?! He look like he should play for the Atlanta Falcons and he stood there and did nothing. Just an observation.

This is an example as to why I don’t really get into black history. We remember the people who sacrifice their lives just so we could live a better life and in return we are destroying our own community and killing each other over petty mess. I just can’t get behind that without seeing the reality in this world RIGHT NOW!


It’s fortunate that this video was produce because it spark some attention and this young man can get justice for what was done to him but unfortunately this kind of thing happens every day ALL DAY and not enough good people stand up and do anything.

And where are all the African American pastors, ministers, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? They are out in numbers,preaching against gay marriage but you don’t see them out preaching against black on black violence let alone black on black gay bashing…guess there isn’t enough money in it for them. Maybe because the bashers weren’t white and the victim was presumed to be a gay man, they don’t want to get involved. (Excluding the few who do give a damn.)

I’ve wondered about this before and still have to question exactly why this TRASH website hasn’t been taken down. It’s essentially a website that glorifies the absolute worst of the worst in urban communities, and validates every single stereotype others have towards individuals living in these communities. The first action that needs to be taken is to demand this website is eliminated. These animals do these sorts of things for attention, so we need to take that avenue away from them.

My heart goes out to the victim as well. Such a senseless attack. I really hope he has loved ones who will be there for him while he is recovering physically and mentally from this incident.

Atlanta is well known for being the gay black mecca. Very high gay population and openness, but with such a thin line between right crowd vs. wrong crowd. I guess that’s the same everywhere, though.

I always say that there is a time a place for EVERYTHING. Get a gun, get mace, get a punch knife, learn self-defense. Don’t leave your personal safety to others.Set an example. I always said, if I am going to get jump, I might as well do damage to at least one of my attackers!

Today these black men beat up someone for his sexuality. One hundred years ago, these same black men would’ve been beaten up (or killed) for the color of their skin. IRONIC.

When you say the word ‘FAGGOT’, people automatically assume that it refers to a gay man or a homosexual but the coward acts displayed in this video is the TRUE definition of a ‘faggot’. What did this young man do to you, that you felt the need to beat on him?Not to mention, you are going to catch a case over some dumb shit.

I hope they catch these fags and throw the books at them.

The violence needs to stop!

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident shown in the video to call Zone 3 police officers at 404-624-0674 or to call anonymously to Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477 Federal authorities joined Atlanta police Monday in investigating video footage posted online of an apparent gang-related beating in southwest Atlanta.


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