Music Trivia- Millie Jackson ‘Phuck You Symphony’

If you are an avid fan of TV One’s Unsung, then I am sure you saw the episode of Millie Jackson!

For the kids who don’t know her name, Before Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, there was Millie Jackson. She is the undisputed ‘God Mother Of Rap’ before it even had a name! Known for her raunchy lyrics and x-rated story tales,she began to talk (or what was commonly known at the time as rap) on her songs in a blunt, candid manner to make up for the shortcoming. She openly admitted that she never had vocal lessons and didn’t think she could sing.

Millie Jackson is not only famous for her award-winning album covers, but probably also holds the record for the most FCC violations in a single song. She came up with the song ‘Phuck You Symphony’, after realizing that she used every possible obscenity in her music.

 “I had never said ‘f–k’ on stage before. You notice I couldn’t even spell it the right way. It’s spelled P-H-U-C-K. Randy Klein was my keyboard player at the time, and I said, ‘I don’t know what this album is going to be. I’ve said everything on stage I could possibly say I’ve said everything on record I could possibly say. Everything but f–k.’ So I said, ‘That’s it. I’m just gonna say f–k. But we’ve got to do it with class.’ So we sat down and he said, ‘Okay, what are the words?’ I’m going, ‘How about ‘f–k you’?’ He said, ‘All the words ‘f–k you’?’ So he went and wrote the music while I sang ‘f–k you.’ I laugh about that song. I say that song, those lyrics were so hard to write, it took forever to come up with all those lyrics. (laughing) Oh boy.”

Here is a live version of it below:

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