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@BradleyShow What are You Sowing and Reaping?

   Have you ever really thought about the principal of reaping and sowing? Sure we’ve heard Big Mama Nem say “What you sow you’re gonna reap,” but have you ever really thought about the seeds you’ve sown in life and the things that you’ve reaped in life.  On my youtube channel The Bradley Show, I discuss how we must be careful what we sow and be mindful where we sow and who we sow into.  Check out the video below.

@BradleyShow Apply Yourself

  Whenever it comes to reaching your dreams, you must first put in some hard work.  Listen to an installment from The Bradley Show as I discuss reaching your dreams and applying yourself. You will appreciate the reward of your labor.

Why? poetry by Musique’s Poetry

Why am I wasting my time on you?
 Why am I so busy looking at you?
You’re behind me.
You’re not in front of me.
You’re just a remnant of what was.
Why must you always want to present yourself?
Why do you think that you will ruin what is to be?
I’ve stopped asking.
I’ve stop getting mad.
The past is the past.
YOU are the past. 
Mistakes, I’ve grown.
Bad relationships, I’ve moved on.
Drama and haters, I’m prospering.
It’s a new season and a new day.
So what, I’m in a new area and you can’t accept it.
No more “whys.”
Just know that I’ve won and I’m stilling winning.
“Why,” you may ask.
Its because I’m living the blessed life.

Would You Date Someone with HIV? From the Bradley Show

HIV/AIDS is a pandemic in the world.  Many of us know someone living with the virus and disease. Would you date someone who was HIV positive? From the Bradley Show


HIV/AIDS is a serious and life altering pandemic.  With the advancements in medicine people are able to live longer with HIV/AIDS.  The pandemic is so strong that one of the worst things that you could do is slander someone’s name and spread rumors that they are stricken with the disease and virus. Get into the Bradley Show as he discusses issues with the Community and rumors concerning HIV/AIDS.

Are You Really Ready for Your Thorough Bred

Many people say they are ready for their one and only, but are you really ready? Check out what Bradley has to say on the Bradley Show.

@BradleyShow – In the Garden Cover

Hey My Luckey Stars. I pray that all is well with you all. I just wanted to share a lil song with you. Check out “In the Garden.” Its a jazzy twist on the hymn that says “and He walks with me and he talks with me…”  Get into it.

Bradley Says "Just Give Thanks"

Hey My Luckey Stars,
I pray all is well with you. Have you ever wondered what to do when all hell breaks loose? Just Give Thanks. Check out the Latest installment of the Bradley Show below.

@BradleyShow – Do’s and Don’ts of Dating and Relationships

Get into Bradley, the host of the youtube chanel, The Bradley Show, as he discusses on what to do and what not to do when dating or when you’re in a relationship.   

If I Have My Way – Bradley Suber

Hey Luckey Stars, I pray that all is well with you. Just wanted to hit you with a cover of Chrisette Michelle’s “If I Have My Way.” Have a great day Love ya,

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