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Beyonce Makes Her First Post-Baby Public Appearance!

Check @RecoChapple House Of Chapple!


Rihanna Partners with Emporio Armani For Limited Edition Line!

Rihanna partnered with Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans to create a limited fashion collection…

Rihanna‘s line with Armani features a bag, a biker jacket, t-shirts with Rihanna‘s face and R logo on them, two types of jeans [skinny and boy cut] and underwear. 

RihRih’s Armani line will be available in stores worldwide in time for Christmas
Check out some of the sketches below!

Kanye West Dons A Skirt….

…and I fucking love him for it!

Rapper Kanye West,who is currently on the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour with Jay Z, has gotten some attention over the weekend, when pics (and youtube videos) surfaces of Ye’ rocking a ‘kilt style’ skirt with some leather pants underneath. 

Naysayers are now questioning his manhood because of his shocking fashionable choices. 

I find it to be refreshing. Although not something that I consider new, I like the fact that Kanye ‘gets it’ and love to play with people’s mind and perception. 

I don’t find the look ‘queer’ at all. It’s just fabric and he is expressing himself freely. It’s liberating to go against the grain sometimes and just rock out with your cock out (not literally though, you might get arrested!)

While I doubt male hip hop fans will follow this look (although some might.) I think it’s a step towards liberation and tolerance! 

It might not be for you or your preference but rock with it anyway..

Check out the pics below of the pics from the ATLANTA show..

Kanye West Debut His Women’s Fashion Line; My Top Ten Favorite Looks!

Check out ‘DW’ by Kanye West, his debut RTW collection dedicated to his mother, Donda West. Despite the negative industry wide feedback about this collection, I actually like alot of the pieces from the collection. It appears to be way more wearable than expected and included some very sexy pieces. Not bad for his first collection, I’m sure the tailoring fitting issues will be resolved in the coming runway collection presentations. 

  Check out these custom Giuseppe Zanotti heels made for Kanye West’s show.

Giueseppe Zanotti & Kanye West

Here are my top ten favorite looks..

View the entire collection here via

Nick Cannon Covers YRB Magazine!

Nick Cannon gets sexy for the cover of YRB Magazine!

On Fashion…

And while Cannon is a fan of fashion, he’s also aware of his own questionable choices at times, like rocking pink suits. “When I dress now, I dress to make a statement,” he says. “Sometimes those statements are a little abrupt.” According to the entertainer, he has no qualms about dressing “flamboyant,” and if his outfits shock anyone, then a statement was made. Mission accomplished.

The issue hits stands October 7th! Check out more pics below..

Nicki Minaj Wears A Chicken Wing Necklace By @onchmovement

The PINK FRIED CHICKEN necklace is now on sale for $79.99 on the Onch website. Not bad for a celebrity piece.

Nicki Minaj & Her Chicken Wing Necklace @ iHeartRadio Music Festival

Rapper, Nicki Minaj (and team Young Money) was spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Festival tonight wearing a purple dress featuring a built in bustier, ruffle and embellishment detailing.
She paired the Harajuku style dress with a pair of pink rain boots and a hot pink chicken wing necklace.

She performed ‘Y U Mad’ ‘Moment 4 Life’ and ‘Superbass’!

Beyonce at her Pulse Launch event in NYC!

Beyonce attends the launch of her new fragrance Pulse. Mama Bey in a blue and black sequin blazer!  Check out the pics below..

Out&About: Beyonce Out Shopping In London! (Plus Video & Interview)

King Beyoncé indulges in a spot of retail therapy in Selfridges, London after launching House of Dereon Fashion Show..

As Selfridges hosted fashion week’s hottest show, the House of Deréon, had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind the collection – the fabulous Beyoncé and Tina Knowles. 

With Beyoncé looking sensational in a show-stopping sequin suit, we talked about ultimate style icons, loving London and dressing with a baby bump…

How did the House of Deréon clothing line come to be?
Beyoncé: My mother designed a lot of the wardrobe for Destiny’s Child 15 years ago. I know our fans used to ask “Where can we get those clothes?”. Eventually it was just something that was natural for us to collaborate and it’s been such a great journey. It’s beautiful because we’re family so it’s more than just a clothing line it’s a part of our life.

Tina, how does Beyoncé’s personal style inspire the House of Deréon designs?
Tina: Beyoncé’s style definitely inspires the House of Deréon style – we raid her closet. She’s blessed to travel all over the world, pick up new trends and let us know the new things that are going on so it’s really a great thing to have access to that.

How would you describe the House of Deréon girl in three words?
Beyoncé: It’s hard to describe the Deréon girl in three words but I would say a trendsetter. Someone who’s very sexy, confident, bold and wants to make a statement.

Why choose Selfridges for your UK debut of House of Deréon?
Tina: I absolutely love Selfridges. We shopped here in the early Destiny’s child days.
Beyoncé: We actually just shopped here a couple of months ago! We were in the same dressing room that they have us in now.
Tina: There’s such a variety, it’s so trendsetting and it’s just a great place to launch – it’s the best.
Beyoncé: And we get to do a beautiful fashion show. We’ve been working so hard on this and it’s a dream come true. Especially to be here in London – I have the best fans and the women here are so stylish and beautiful so we’re really happy to extend the line to the UK.

How do you think British style compares with American style?
Beyoncé: I love America and I love our style but I have to say the women here…they’re a little bit more experimental and they put prints together that maybe some of the women in America would be a little afraid of doing and it looks so sexy. I think Kate Moss is so hot and I love how she puts things together. I see things in my closet and I’m like “Why didn’t I think of that? To put that with that!”. I think it’s original and we’re happy to borrow some of those influences and put it in the line, you’ll see in the fashion show today.
Tina: And we have a British designer!

Who are your style icons?
Beyoncé: Well I already mentioned Kate Moss…My sister actually – Solange is a style icon because she is not afraid of mixing different cultures. She’ll put an African head wrap with an Asian print skirt and different colour blocking. I just love when people express themselves and use fashion as almost an extension of their personality. I also love classic women that are really elegant like Jackie O. There are so many beautiful, fashionable women.
Tina: There are some from the past. I love the old Hollywood glamour – Grace Kelly classic beauty, Jackie O is one of mine also. Present day I would say…I love Victoria Beckham.
Beyoncé: She’s very chic.

Tina you’ve created some show-stopping outfits for Beyonce in the past. What is your number one tip for to create a unique sense of style?
Tina: I think you have to spend a little time on it like you would anything important in your life. Go into store, try on some things and find out what your style is, what you feel good in. Have memories of the time you wore something and everyone complimented you.

How does your music translate into the fashion line? Does one inspire the other?
Beyoncé: My music absolutely inspires the fashion line. I think fashion and music just go together, they always have done. My stage clothes are very different from my every day wardrobe and I think that’s what’s so beautiful about the line. We get to have things that are a little bit more ‘showstopping’ and things that are a little more classic. I just try to, whatever I feel that day, whatever emotion I feel inside, I think that’s the beauty of being a woman, you can take things from your closet and express yourself. I like to switch things up, sometimes I feel like a hipster, sometimes I feel like a diva and sometimes I feel like a very sophisticated woman. There are things in the House of Deréon line that represent all of those emotions.

What does your day to day wardrobe consist of?
Beyoncé: I don’t have one! I used to wear a lot of classic white shirts with a nice pair of straight leg jeans and great heels but I think now I’m wearing a lot of dresses, sexy jackets and scarves. I’m draping because clearly I am with child! But it has been really exciting to figure out new ways of wearing clothes because I don’t want to be the typical pregnant woman who has to wear a babydoll dress everyday so we try to keep it funky and sexy and like a woman.

Well you look gorgeous! What do you love about being in London?
Beyoncé: I love London because of the style, because of the accent, because people are just so cool and open minded. It’s really beautiful because you see so many people together, different races and different cultures. You meet people and they’re from so many different areas around the world and that’s kind of what our line represents. This fashion show if about the global nomad, one day when there isn’t one specific race and it’s just beautiful to see that. 

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