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The Lexi Show: Tweet (Charlene Keys) & Tashawna Johnson

Lexi interviews R&B Singer Tweet (Charlene Keys) and her daughter TaShawna Johnson aka Shenice. Check out the interview after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

Mary J Blige Wishes She Was Beyonce!

Singer Mary J. Blige recently did an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan and she talked about her childhood and shares that she wished she grew like Beyonce..

You gotta look at a life like that (Beyonce’s), with a mother and a father and a child and they’re raising and they’re in the music business with her where there is just so many vultures and people who don’t ever tell you the truth.and to look at her life, and to look at how graceful and beautiful and what a lady she is, it just inspired me.

“It made me a little sad because I wish I had that growing up, I wish my mom and dad had been together and I wish that they could have saw (sic) me through the music business and managed me and who knows how much further I would be and how much hell I wouldn’t have gone through.”

In my opinion, I think that we go through shit in life for a reason. The trials and tribulations are hard but once we live through it, we learn and we are able to teach others of our life lessons.

Mary J Blige’s music is the real deal because she sings about about real life situations that people can relate to. It’s the reason she is still relevant because people can relate to her.

As much as I love Beyonce, we all know her life is not as ‘peachy cream’ as people make it out to be. Rumor has it, the MAIN reason she fired her father as her manager is because he was stealing from her. 

I guess what I am trying to say is,you should never wish to be somebody else. Just be yourself and embrace it!

Raheem DeVaugn Interviews Lupe Fiasco!

Extemely underrated R&B singer (and recent radio personality) Raheem DeVaugn caught up with Chi-Town rapper/activist Lupe Fiasco at the latter’s show last week.

I love these two by the way..

Lupe Fiasco Interview from The Raheem DeVaughn Show on Vimeo.

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