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New Video: Olivia ‘Walk Away’

It seems as though Love & HipHop has given Olivia enough money to cop a nice beat, with a couple of dollars left over to create a low budget video. 

The video centers around a woman in a bad relationship that from scenes looks to be both physically and emotionally taking a toll on her. At the beginning her friends are warning her about looking out for her first when her man is treating her horribly.

The video screams recession, but it’s the message that counts.  Even with this, I still stand by my assessment of Olivia’s career having just as much potential as a deer struck by a car on I-85.

R&B Brandy Talks New Album,Her New Love Life Plus More!

Brandy recently sat down wither TrueExclusives to discuss her upcoming album, role on ‘The Game’, and the importance of success after the ‘Human’ album. The interview is said to be her rawest yet! Check out the video below!

Rapper Jim Jones HOT Shower Scene Confessions!

Rapper/Reality star Jim Jones is showing off his assets in the shower in the next upcoming episode of “Love & Hip Hop.” and explains why he finally proposed to his girl Chrissy.

Chrissy Lampkin Was A Stunt Queen?

You know the only reason I watch ‘Love & Hiphop‘ because I get to see Jim Jones walk around half naked (I like mature men *kanye shrug*). I really don’t give a crap about the show itself. Just another excuse for women of color to act like buffoons for a check. I always wondered why Jim’s mom doesn’t like Chrissy…Maybe this is why!

From Diary of a Hollywood Street King 

“Chrissy has been hustling since she was 15 years old. She’s now 42, and she’s been using her p*ssy to get Gucci and gold.

Chrissy and her crew were involved in different crimes like credit card schemes, shoplifters, mules from NYC to D.C. They were setting up dudes to get robbed. Chrissy has dated dope boys like the infamous drug kingpin Alpo Martinez and his partner Rich Porter also three New York Knick players. She even slept with Jay Z when he was 23 years old.

Chrissy’s last trick/sponsor/boyfriend cheated on her with a popular video hoe. Chrissy decided to rob him for $32,000 then she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime. Then dude and his crew tracked Chrissy down. The Nicca knocked out her front teeth and in return Chrissy had her peeps send him a message that if he does not pay for her dental bill and buy her breast implants he’s going to get hit with the Rico Act. Dude paid all Chrissy’s bills and that was the end of her and street dudes.

Chrissy took her skills to reality television hoping her broke rapper boyfriend will help her to continue to live a easy lifestyle.”

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