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R&B Brandy Talks New Album,Her New Love Life Plus More!

Brandy recently sat down wither TrueExclusives to discuss her upcoming album, role on ‘The Game’, and the importance of success after the ‘Human’ album. The interview is said to be her rawest yet! Check out the video below!

The Game: What Happened to Brittany Daniel?

As you know, the cast of BET‘s The Game was on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday and of course Wendy asked the cast what really happen to cast mate Brittany Daniel‘s character.

I don’t watch the show but judging by the comments, I have been reading I don’t think people are too happy that her character is not returning. I guess they didn’t get the ‘Girlfriends‘ memo..

I am ONLY watching it for Nene Leakes (just curious) and Brandy Norwood..

Some trivia I didn’t know..

She played in White Chicks…

She is married one of the Wayne bros…

Brandy Shines At ‘The Game’ Premiere! (Shout Out To @4evabrandydaily)

R&B singer/actress Brandy step out on the red carpet for the premiere event for BET‘s ‘The Game‘ and ‘Let’s Stay Together‘. She plays ‘Chardonnay’, a sexy bartender, who is Jason’s (Coby Bell) new girlfriend.

Season 5 of The Game, premieres on BET January 10th, at 10 pm. The entire cast (including Brandy) will make an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Monday morning.

Check out the pictures below!

Singer Teyana Taylor Pays Tribute To The King & Queens Of Pop!

Rapper/Singer Teyana Taylor, who is currently on tour with rapper The Game‘s Red Tour, paid homage to Beyonce, Janet Jackson, & Michael Jackson in Amsterdam! She performed a few of her songs as well! Get into the video after the jump!

The REAL Reason Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan Broke Up!

Matt Barnes took to his Twitter page moments ago to confirm that yes he is having a “relationship” with Eva Longoria, but more importantly Gloria smashed rapper The Game while they were still together and that was the REAL reason they broke up. He also mentions that the two split back in May but kept it quiet for the show. You know I knew Gloria Govan was no saint!

Rapper The Game Knows All The Gay Rappers…

and sometimes we wish he was too! 
Did you know that The Game used to be a stripper?

The Game is a former stripper? According to Gangsta Flip Records and Silverback Guerillas member Domination, Compton rapper, The Game, used to be a stripper. Domination has said that Game was stripping while living in L.A. and fellow rapper Yukmouth has footage of Game in the act. Domination and GF Records CEO Bang’em Smurf have both made statements about Game and have said he “had tongue rings and all that sh!t.” Though the tapes of Game haven’t come to light yet, footage of The Game on the dating show “Change of Heart” can be found on the Internet. (HE EVEN HAD BLONE HAIR AND A TONGUE RING)

Oh and his favorite sex position is THE SCISSORS!

His infamous ‘sextape’ Click here!
Get into the pics below!

If You Thought ‘The Game’ Was ‘Stacked’…

……meet his booty buddy Rapper A.R.! These dudes kill me trying to look all hard and buff. You look stupid…LOL.

Miss Nene Leakes to appear on "The Game" Season 5?

It looks like the RHOA reality star will be making her way onto the TV screen once again. The celebrity tweeted: “Catch me on season 5 of The Game! Me & Tasha gone set it off LOL”. Does she mean Tasha Mack a main character on the show? Well we’ll just have to wait and see. While she is funny and creative, Mrs. Leakes or should I say “Miss Leakes” reality will become scripted and we can only hope that she is just as great an actress as she is a reality star.

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As for the game, the series was recently renewed for a 5th season (to consist of 22 episodes), and is slated to premiere in January 2012.

Cree Taylor Hardrict who is your daddy?

Now we all know that baby boys take after their mommas with their looks and complexions most of the time leaving the daddy genetics out the of picture and it leads to a whole lot of speculation about the babies biological father. 1st of all let me just ask you Daddy Hardrict do you believe that little beautiful baby boy is yours or is it someone else’s? That someone else might be her co-star Pooch Hall from the hit tv show “The Game”. Nah! It can’t be his baby because he doesn’t have that box head. Cree has more of a Homer Simpson head and I know that ain’t your head unless under all that Human Hair weave your wife Tia has that same oval shaped head exists there.

Getting back to the matter at hand the baby is high yellow and when I used to see you on those commercials because that is what you do Daddy Hardrict is commericals you looked like a great deal darker than that. Something just seems fishy and that baby must have some part of you in him even if he doesn’t physically look like you as of today. I guess you will just have to wait until he gets older to see or you can take $400.00 out of your wife’s account and get a DNA paternity test done on the baby. I heard Maury Povich was free you just have to go on TV in front of a live audience and make yourself look crazy. Whatever you do just be a good father for now to Cree because he is a beautiful baby boy and in the back of my mind I wonder if Tia is still messing with her on screen boyfriend from Sister Sister. Chile…………..I will leave that to your imagination.

Rapper Game Outs Fellow Rapper 50 Cent…

Earlier last week, Rapper Game did an interview suggesting that DL rappers in the industry should come out, accusing gays in general, of being the primary spreaders of the AIDS virus.

TMZ called him out as a homophobe but Game explains to TMZ that he is not a homophobe and in fact has had many gay friends including rapper 50 Cent… 

I swear this dude is EXTRA and TMZ is 1000% right about him being a homophobe. You KNOW you are homophobic when you always try explain yourself….

I have gay friends…

I love gay people…

I listen to _________ who is gay..

It’s the same thing with people who is racist. If you are that, just admit it and move on.

It’s obvious that once again, he is just trying to start beef to sell a record not to mention he REALLY doesn’t care for the gender non conforming community anyway.

I am over this dude…with that said, he REALLY needs to follow his OWN advice and get educated.

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